Five fleet cars for the school run

Five fleet cars for the school run

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Martin Brown

September 2016

The new school year is nearly upon us and has

a) already started
b) is in full swing
c) about to start

depending where you are in the UK. In other words, that summer feeling has to be packed back up in the suitcase and the autumn faced. And the kids are back to school.

While we would obviously advocate the encouragement of using public transport – or if you’re close enough – walking or cycling to school, that’s not always practical for families that live further away. And then of course there’s the school sports fixtures, after school clubs, different child pick up times and the juggling of diaries that every school parent has to deal with.

So if you’re thinking about a new company car that could double up on the school run, here are five that fit the bill.

1. BMW i3 Rev

The i3 as a family car? You’d better believe it: behind those rear hinged doors, there’s just about enough room for two passengers. The electric power, plus the lightweight carbon-fibre construction and those futuristic looks, will mean your kid will be the coolest on the school run.

Yes, it’s expensive to buy, but you’ll be quids in if you’re a company car driver with zero VED and even the REV range extender attracts a just a 7% benefit in kind charge and can do 276 miles on a charge with the small petrol engine.


2. Renault Kadjar

Okay, the Kadjar might be built on the same platform as the previously all-conquering crossover, the Nissan Qashqai – but the Renault moves the game on. This includes the slicker styling, the more premium feel to the interior, the frugal diesel engines and a comfy ride that your kids will thank you for.

We’d pick the smaller, sweeter 1.5 dCi 110 in Dynamic S Nav trim – which has all the kit you need including sat-nav. Plus 103g/km emissions means this Renault attracts a 20% company car tax charge and zero first year VED.


3. Skoda Superb Estate

The latest Skoda Superb Estate is proof that practical family cars can still be desirable. On top of the sharp new Skoda family look, the Superb boasts impressive rear legroom and a massive 660-litre boot. So as well as your kids, with the Superb Estate there is enough room for all their school kit too!

As the name suggests, the well-equipped Business SE trim is built for company work, especially with the peppy 1.6-litre TDI engine. This Superb estate should be cost-effective to run on your company too, with 96g/km emissions equalling no first year VED, plus a 19% benefit in kind tax charge.


4. Vauxhall Astra


On sale for nearly a year, the latest Astra is up there with the best family hatchbacks, with an attractive mix of neat looks, refined driving manners, clever technology and all at an affordable price…so more to spend on the kids!

The sportier standard equipment of the SRI Nav trim are sure to get your Astra noticed in the company car park. Combine the SRI Nav trim with the 110PS 1.6 CDTi ecoFLEX engine and you’ll be winning in the company car stakes, as the 91g/km emissions means this Astra attracts just a 18% benefit in kind charge.


5. Volvo XC90

If it has to be a full-size SUV for the school run, in our opinion the latest Volvo XC90 fits the bill perfectly. Firstly, inside it’s a proper seven-seater (so you’ll be popular with friends), but on top of the impressive number of people you’ll fit in this Swedish off-roader, the ride is refined and the XC90’s interior feels smart, modern, luxurious and above all-else, as though it will last.

Not a cheap option, as even our favourite, the T8 plug-in hybrid, in Inscription trim costs over £64,000. However, because of its part electric powertrain, emissions are just 49g/km, again meaning no VED and a 7% benefit in kind charge.

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