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e-Fleet is a cloud-based fleet management and reporting system that lets you manage every aspect of your fleet operation in real time - regardless of funder or fleet provider.

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Fleet Management

  • Ordering and renewal

    Enables drivers to research, compare and order their next vehicle directly from the app.

  • Grade and choice lists

    Drivers can manage vehicles specific to their current grade or bracket and check specification, benefit in kind and whole life cost.

  • Driver trade up and down

    Provides drivers with the flexibility to trade up or down grades from directly within the app.

  • Mileage capture

    Convenient and accurate mileage recording allows fleet managers to closely monitor accumulating mileages and produce predictive mileage reports.

  • Business trip recording

    Journey logging with automatic calculation of journey distance and pre-set tolerances for over mileage requiring justification for longer journeys.

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Duty of care & risk management

  • Maintenance and safety checks

    Automated reminders to manage any general maintenance and safety checks for your company vehicle.

  • Driver licence checking

    Licence Check provides comprehensive and up-to-date data on your drivers directly from DVLA.

  • Insurance renewal reminders

    Automated insurance renewal reminders help you manage your company vehicles as well as your grey fleet.

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Over 30 powerful reports offers greater control and improved cost management, including:

  • Predictive mileage reporting
  • P46 reporting
  • P11d reporting
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  • Contract renewals

    Advance notifications for upcoming contract renewals ensures vehicles are replaced on time and with the minimum of disruption.

  • Scheduled service

    Ensures fleet managers and drivers alike are aware when their vehicle is due for service, ensuring vehicles are safe and fit for purpose.

  • MOT

    Upcoming or overdue alerts will inform drivers and fleet managers when their vehicle's MOT is due ensuring your fleet is safe and legally compliant.

  • Vehicle inspection reporting

    In-depth vehicle inspections ensure drivers assess their vehicle regulalry providing fleet managers with critical oversight on the condition of their fleet.

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