Working out your company car tax in the UK

Calculating your company car tax can be complicated, but luckily we’ve got you covered.

There’s no need for a desk calculator. Or for complicated percentage charts. Our easy-to-use company car tax calculator, above, does it all for you. The calculator provides you with  everything you need to know about how much tax is due on your company car, starting with the tax year 2023/24 through three years until the 2025/26 tax year.

The company car tax calculator will provide you with the tax payable at the standard 20% rate as well as at the higher 40% rate.

You can also see the effect of the company car on your take home pay by entering your salary in the section marked ‘Earnings’. The tax calculator automatically produces your net salary after taking into account the benefit in kind tax and the National Insurance Contribution payable on the benefit.

For users in Scotland, simply tick the appropriate box to take into account the country’s different tax rates.

The calculator can also show you the effect of taking fuel from your company with the amount of fuel tax payable on top of your company car tax.

If you are considering taking an electric car through a salary sacrifice agreement, then you can see how much tax you will pay as part of the benefit (hint: not much) against the other more significant tax savings you enjoy under salary sacrifice agreements.

Additionally, our company car tax calculator also provides plenty of detail on the car you have chosen, including its official mpg – or battery range if it’s an electric car – the 0-60mph figure as well as its NCAP safety rating. There’s plenty more in there, too.

So it’s more than just a company car tax calculator – it’s a great source of information about the company car you are considering. Give it a try – it’s really simple to use.


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