Why we are leaders in SME fleet management

Why we are leaders in SME fleet management

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Andy Bruce

May 2023

Fleet Alliance has always focused on the SME market since the company’s inception in 2002. Naturally, we can service larger clients, too, but providing SME fleets with fleet management is, and always has been, at the core of what we do.

What makes us so good at this?

We think it’s a broad range of factors, from our multi-bid funding platform to always provide customers with the best leasing arrangement often saving thousands of pounds in leasing rentals; to our named contacts who will help you with any fleet enquiries you have; and, more recently, our SME focused electric car salary sacrifice programme.

It’s all underpinned by high levels of service. If you’ve experienced the rather off-hand ‘you’re too small to bother with’ approach of some fleet management companies, you’ll find a very different approach at Fleet Alliance.

We’re happy to save you money on managing your fleet whether you have 10 vehicles or 100. Our Fleet 360 programme ensures that It offers a complete outsourced fleet management solution which provides a winning combination of advice, innovative products and technology, competitive pricing, and outstanding service.

The judges at the Broker News Awards 2023 certainly thought so.

Awarded Best SME Broker

Fleet Alliance was awarded Best SME Broker 2023 by an independent panel of judges at the recent Broker News Awards. The judges commented: “Continuing to lead the way for SME customers.” And: “It is difficult to see how much more Fleet Alliance can do to be the complete broker…Like the free fleet software to support SMEs.”

Comments such as this are terrific validation of what we offer to SME customers: high-end service for the SME sector.

In particular, there’s the e-Fleet technology we provide free of charge to help SME fleets manage and reduce their fleet administration. It’s central to our Fleet 360 fleet management and provides a seamless order to delivery and in-life process.

It empowers SMEs with the same level of fleet insight and control as a larger corporate fleet enjoys, ensuring that business size is never a limiting factor for efficient fleet management.

Fleet management and ESG plus electric car salary sacrifice

Increasingly the ESG agenda is taking centre stage in fleet management.

ESG – or Environment, Social and Governance – is central to Fleet Alliance from our commitment to the green agenda (our own fleet went fully electric at the end of 2021), charitable work (to date we have committed £737,000 to charity causes) and the championing of diversity (we were named a Best Workplace For Women 2022).

We think that SME fleets should also benefit from the environmental and cost savings of greener technology that will help equip fleets for a zero emission future.

This can be fleet consultation on moving your fleet to electric, or offering our SME electric car salary sacrifice scheme. Like our fleet management, this has been specifically designed to help SME firms offer this valuable staff benefit and retention tool.

But we prefer to let the Broker News judges offer their view:

“One of the key foundations of the Fleet Alliance business – the SME market – is truly benefiting from the years of experience with this section of the market.”

What can you expect from our fleet management programme?

  • Fleet Audit – Actionable insight that reduces costs whilst improving control.
  • Funding – A wide selection of funding products designed to match your business aspirations.
  • Whole Life Cost – Understand the true cost, not just the monthly lease payment.
  • eco-Fleet – We design future-proof, cost- effective and sustainable fleets.
  • Competitive Tendering – The most competitive funding deals from our panel of leading providers.
  • Fleet Management and Support – Removing the cost and hassle of managing your fleet.
  • Licence Check – Automatically check your drivers’ licences against DVLA data.
  • Accident Management – Significantly reduce vehicle off- road days, admin and monitoring.
  • Fuel Management – Increased control over the way your drivers buy and use fuel.
  • Fleet Risk – Identify and eliminate the risk factors to which you are exposed.
  • Flexi Hire – A solution to both your short and long term mobility needs.
  • Salary Sacrifice – Deliver a tax efficient benefit to your employees at little or no cost.
  • e-Fleet – Manage your fleet in real-time regardless of funder or fleet provider.
  • e-Fleet Mobile – Makes life simple for drivers and provides better control for you.

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