17 billion grams Our total CO2 reduction

4,141 cars CO2 reduction equivalent

116 g/km Our average fleet CO2 emissions

4% less How our fleet CO2 compares to UK

Let us do the fresh thinking for you

eco-Fleet isn’t a product or service. It’s an over-riding set of principles we adopt to ensure that every piece of advice given, every vehicle supplied, every decision made on your behalf, is future-proof, cost-effective, and sustainable. It’s our way of doing the fresh thinking on your behalf.

These principles are embedded in the very fabric of our culture which is based around our core values of Engagement, Trust, Fairness, and Respect. This culture, which we refer to as Fleet Alliance Loves, is central to everything we do.

The result is an engaged team of people with a deep and passionate understanding of the ecological and economic importance of a greener fleet.

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Fleets are increasingly looking at ways to reduce running costs whilst considering their corporate social responsibility strategies.

For many, the answer is to go green. But how? What are the choices? And what are the implications of policy change?

This White Paper will help you answer those questions.

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