In the Best Place to Work it’s best to be bonkers

Maggies-X3-DavidWe have been known to win the odd award (or two).

But one gives me particular pleasure: it’s the Best Place to Work Award.

Nothing else demonstrates more than this the commitment of our team and the fun they have while working.

And we’ve done it again at the Great Place to Work Institute Awards, finishing ninth out of the top 50 best places to work in the UK in the medium-sized category for companies with 50-499 employees.

Some may say life is tough having to spend eight hours a day at a desk, grinding out the hours. But that’s certainly not the case here at Fleet Alliance.

We have great staff who do great things. Primarily for customers of course, delivering excellent service, but charity too. It’s a fundamental aspect of our culture.

David will run, kayak and cycle 168 miles from Inverness to Glasgow in just three days.

We call it ‘Fleet Alliance Loves’ because it underpins our work ethic: having fun, performing work for charity, and caring for the environment.

Take David Blackmore, our commercial director.

Now there’s nothing more that David loves than a bit of racing – going wheel-to-wheel with the pros – as demonstrated at a recent karting event in aid of the automotive charity Ben. But that’s nothing compared to his latest charity endeavor.


We’ve dubbed the event ‘Xtreme 3’, and it’s a multi-discipline, point-to-point event, in aid of Maggie’s Cancer Centres.

Here’s what David is proposing to do: run, kayak and cycle 168 miles from Maggie’s Centre in Inverness all the way to Maggie’s Centre in Glasgow, in just three days, starting 11 September.

To put that into some sort of perspective, the run distance alone is the equivalent of running three back-to-back marathons – with some truly punishing elevation changes thrown in for good measure. Add in 23 miles of rowing and 68 miles of cycling and you’ll understand why we’re calling it Xtreme 3.

But that’s the sort of challenge David relishes – and also It’s the sort of challenge that our staff rise to every day, whether it’s ensuring your vehicle is delivered exactly when you want it, consulting on your fleet, or raising funds for charity. It’s part of the pleasure of working here.

And I’m so pleased we’ve had official recognition for that.