Crucial to effective fleet management is an understanding of the risks inherent in running a fleet of any size. We analyse in detail the risks your drivers face and then help you minimise them through managed change and driver training where appropriate.

How will it help your business?

Risk Management helps you eliminate the risk factors to which your drivers are exposed, ensuring you are operating within the law and that your fleet is managed with minimum risk and maximum cost efficiency.

Why Fleet Alliance?

  • We understand the risks inherent in running fleets of all sizes. We audit your fleet and analyse the associated risks.
  • Where necessary, we'll implement a bespoke driver training programme based on the findings of the risk analysis.
  • We maintain, monitor and review the changes to ensure long term, sustainable improvement.


  • Fleet safety audit
    Identify where your organisation is most at risk and advise how your fleet risk can be reduced or eliminated.
  • Driver risk assessment
    Build a detailed understanding of the risk factors to which your drivers are exposed.
  • Bespoke driver training
    Training programmes tailored to the individual driver.


  • Legal compliance
    Ensure that everything reasonable has been done to keep drivers safe.
  • Direct cost reduction
    Reduce collision, running and maintenance costs.
  • Indirect cost reduction
    Reduce lost man hours and wasted management time.
  • Environmental impact
    Reduce the impact of your fleet on the environment.
  • Reduced insurance premiums
    Over time, quantify the reduction in claims, leading to lower premiums.

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