Electric Vehicle Charging Times

Electric Vehicle Charging Times

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Kevin Blackmore

December 2019

The time it takes to charge an electric vehicle can vary greatly depending on the vehicle and the charging method used. Generally speaking, charging can take from as little as 30 minutes to more than 12 hours.

The time required to charge an electric car depends on several factors:

  • Battery size
  • Type of charger (domestic, rapid charger, etc.)
  • Remaining charge

An average electric vehicle with a 60kWh electric battery takes approximately 8 hours to charge from empty using a 7kW charge point.

Most manufacturers advise against constantly charging your electric vehicle from empty to full as this process can reduce the effectiveness of the battery over time.

Example charging times

Domestic charges typically offer 3.7kWh and 7kWh output. 22kWh domestic chargers are very rare due to their three-phase technology and high install cost.

Rapid charging offers the fastest way of charging your electric vehicle and offers from 60 to 200 miles range in around 30 minutes.

Irrespective of the charge type, all cars can use compatible equipment. However, the actual charge time is dictated by the vehicle and not the charge point. Generally speaking, most battery-electric cards can use rapid charging. However, hybrid electric vehicles are limited to standard charging.

Charge per hour

The range you get per charge depends on your vehicle and other factors such as temperature. If you’re driving in winter, your range will decrease slightly owing to the impact temperature has on battery technology. In addition, colder temperatures can increase charging time.

Small, efficient electric vehicles will be able to go further per charge than a larger, less efficient electric vehicle. For example, A small electric city car would ret approximately 30 miles of range per hour using a domestic 7kW charger, while an Audi e-Tron would only get 20 miles.

The primary factors that affect charging speed are as follows:

  • Size of battery
  • Current charging remaining
  • Maximum charging rate of vehicle
  • Maximum charging rate of charge point

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