Your partner for fleet electrification

Your partner for fleet electrification

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Kevin Blackmore

July 2023

If your business is thinking about fleet electrification then it’s a significant undertaking. But it’s highly worthwhile.

From an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) point of  view the changeover to zero carbon tailpipe emissions is increasingly important in a competitive business environment.

And from a driver’s perspective, the significantly reduced benefit in kind tax payable on an electric vehicle (EV) is a significant saving when inflationary forces are placing such pressure on incomes.

For the business, too, there are operational savings – despite the higher lease rental costs of EVs compared with standard internal combustion engined cars. Stepping away from the headline rental rates of EVs, it’s crucial to gain the overall picture provided by the whole life cost savings of EVs during the car’s operational life cycle compared with more costly diesel or petrol cars.

So there are good and compelling reasons to begin the electrification process, not least to ready your business and fleet for the 2030 ending of new combustion engined cars on sale.

But where do you start on the electrification programme? Is it as simple as swapping the fuel pump for the electric charger? Or changing the fleet car choice from diesel to the electric equivalent?

As you can imagine, it’s a little more complex than that. But that’s where we can help simplify the process through our exciting new partnership with ScottishPower and our total EV fleet solution called Fleet Zero.


Fleet Zero is a pooled area of combined electrification expertise that eases the transition pathway to EVs.


At Fleet Alliance we offer a wide range of electric vehicles and assist in finding the most suitable option for your business. Using our competitive tendering process, we always select the most cost-effective rental deal on the day helping drive down costs, while driver requirements are managed through our e-fleet mobile technology (and not you, the fleet manager)

Meanwhile, ScottishPower delivers hassle-free charger installations and EV infrastructure for your business to ensure it has all the power it needs.

The benefits of transitioning to EVs for your business

There are a number of benefits to using Fleet Zero to transition your fleet to electric vehicles, including:

  • Peace of mind – Fleet Zero takes care of everything from sourcing the vehicles to installing the charging infrastructure. This means that you can focus on running your business, knowing that your fleet is in good hands.
  • Long-term cost reductions – you can save money on the leasing of electric vehicles thanks to whole life cost savings, which include the lower cost of electricity and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Environmental reputation – it’s a convenient opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your ESG credentials.

Discuss your EV requirements and transition today.

  • A comprehensive support package
  • A management platform
  • End-to-end consultation
  • Installation
  • Ongoing support

If you’re ready to make the switch to an electric fleet, email us at today to find out more.

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