Hannover headliners: From new Transit to hydrogen trucks

Every two years there’s a significant commercial vehicle show in Hannover, Germany. It’s primarily a show for the truck boys, but there’s plenty of good light commercial vehicle stuff going on too. Here’s my pick of what took my interest….

Virtual eyes are looking at you

If you thought driverless cars were still some way off…well have a look at this! A driverless pod that has virtual eyes that see – well – eye to eye with you! The idea, according to Jaguar Land Rover, is…

How blockchain may underpin your future fleet

It might sound fanciful, but it’s true: blockchain technology may well underpin your fleet and your future mobility requirements. Now, don’t back because this sounds too technical. Because as you know, me and technology are not always the best bedfellows….

Six star cars from the Geneva Motor Show, 2018

The Geneva Show – I always love this display of automotive talent in Switzerland. It signals many things, not least that spring is on the way. But it always hosts a brilliant variety of new cars, new concepts and new…

How technology is shaping the automotive future

I’ve heard it said many times that a Tesla is little more than a computer on wheels. Which seems a bit harsh. But I do know what they mean. Upgrades can be downloaded overnight, for example, changing your experience of…

What’s happened to safety?

Airbags. Yeah, yeah, fifteen of them, thanks. ABS brakes. Yup, standard since 2004. Anti-skid electronic stability control – sure thing, yes, got that as well. So? Why are you asking? Perhaps because we’re beginning to take safety a little too…

Frankfurt’s future cars

The Frankfurt Motor Show is always a massive excuse by the German car makers to show off their latest products. The new Audi RS4 Avant is one (oh, yes please). The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE another (I’d happily wait for that)….

How realistic is it to run a ULEV fleet?

I’ve been thinking about this. There’s currently quite a buzz around ULEVs – registrations are on the up and the volume of product is increasing all the time. (ULEVs, by the way, are cars with CO2 emissions below 75g/km –…

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