Building success

How do you measure business success?

Is it the satisfaction of a cash positive, good week’s work for a sole trader, rewarded with a pint on Friday evening?

Is it clever management and worker engagement that steers a company successfully through difficult trading conditions?

Or the escaping rush of champagne bubbles to celebrate the sale of a company?

Well, it’s all of these. But the Facebook IPO proves that the elation of success can be transitory (although perhaps not in the bank balances of some of the social network’s founders).

Often success comes from sheer hard work executed to a well-formulated strategy. It’s not always a fizz-pop moment either. But it’s important to recognise success. And to celebrate it. Such as that being enjoyed by Jaguar Land Rover at the moment.

We’re hoping that Fleet Alliance’s success will be recognised in the Glasgow Business Awards this October

Riding a wave of fantastic new models, including the reveal of the all-new Range Rover, the company’s Halewood factory – once a hotbed of industrial dissent – is now moving to three shifts around the clock in order to meet demand for the Land Rover Evoque. That has never happened before at Halewood.

But this is more than just an effervescent fizz-pop moment. JLR’s success is based on excellent products that people desire, and an innovative labour programme underpinned by a commitment to training and engineering.

Success can also be measured by peer recognition. And we’re hoping that Fleet Alliance’s success in building a flourishing fleet management business, founded on a commitment to service excellence, will be recognised in the Glasgow Business Awards this October.

Our main office in Glasgow has been shortlisted in the toughest category (I would say that!) against three tough competitors, including one of our clients. We think we have a good chance. We have a strong commitment to developing staff skills, rather like JLR, as well as empowering decision-making, and creating strong customer relationships (we’ll need that if we beat our client!).

Being shortlisted is one thing; winning quite another. But I hope we do – the staff at Fleet Alliance deserves recognition for their business success.