Successive award wins put Fleet Alliance out in front for fleet management

Successive award wins put Fleet Alliance out in front for fleet management

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Andy Bruce

November 2023

It’s always a good moment when you win an industry award. It’s palpable recognition for the team’s hard work, perseverance and professionalism.

But when you win the Leasing Broker Federation’s Leasing ‘Broker of the Year award’ for the second successive year, then I’m absolutely delighted.

It’s a great result and confirms our belief in what we’re doing and the direction we’re taking for our customers.

Not only did we win Leasing Broker of the Year, but we took the Best Large Leasing Broker title for the third successive year, so we really must be doing something right!

So how did we do it?

Let’s start first with our people. Because our people make the business and we have a happy and engaged workforce that delivers brilliant customer service. Time and time again.

Much of this is to do with our engagement with our colleagues, both internal and external, as well as our charitable endeavour outside our HQ. We have four pillars of behaviour at Fleet Alliance: Fairness, Trust, Engagement, and Respect. All four underpin our staff attitudes which were also recognised recently with our 12th Great Place to Work citation.

And then there’s the quality of our fleet management technology support – a full fleet management platform that can help 100,000s of businesses outsource non-key operations and accelerate efficiency gains within their business.

Our Fleet360 provides fleets with a holistic view of operations. It starts with a fleet audit that identifies areas for cost saving and improvement. We then move onto funding to analyse the most cost-effective acquisition methods, which can include electric car salary sacrifice schemes. Our eco-Fleet plans help here as well, where we will assist you with fleet decarbonisation with a mix of full electric, hybrid-electric or diesel choices that are most appropriate for your business.

Then there’s Whole Life Cost analysis which provides realistic information on the actual cost of vehicles over the term of use, which is accompanied by our Competitive Tendering process where we always ensure that you get the most cost-effective funding deal from our panel of leading finance providers for each vehicle you order.

Perhaps the most important item for most fleets is the Fleet Support we provide, undertaking the management of fleet and drivers, so freeing up time in your company to focus on business goals.

Also part of our comprehensive fleet offering is Licence Check, Accident Management, Fuel Management, Fleet Risk and Flexi Hire. It’s a great package that we offer all fleets and we’re thankful that the Leasing Broker Federation judges recognised the power of this.

Our award-winning technology

But it’s not just the fleet management that helped us win the judges’ votes; our e-Fleet Mobile App for drivers added even greater depth to our submission.

e-Fleet Mobile is an award-winning smartphone app that allows your fleet drivers to access essential support services (so they don’t have to phone you to ask for the information). In addition, drivers can complete vehicle inspection reports and submit mileage updates all electronically, providing a more efficient and effective method of managing your drivers.

We think all this is a powerful reason for choosing Fleet Alliance as your fleet management partner.

And we’re particularly proud that the Leasing Broker Federation should recognise that we are the best in the sector for the second successive year.

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