Simplicity of process

Simplicity of process

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Martin Brown

April 2020

One of the many things that attracts me to electric cars is their innate simplicity.

There’s a complete absence of all those valves, tappets, pistons and associated paraphernalia that make up an internal combustion engine.

Don’t get me wrong – the sound and performance of these engines can be spectacular, visceral.

But electric cars are simpler in operation – a chassis, battery, an electric motor to drive the wheels, and the silence of operation. Plus the simplicity of the drive: select forward or reverse. And there are only two pedals: stop and go.

The electric car has a purity of intention that is pleasing in its essential functionality.

It’s the same with language.

Everything you have written I’m sure could be improved by editing: the judicious trimming of a word here; the pruning of an excessive adverb there. There is no point in words usurping space when they are not required. They simply get in the way of understanding.

It’s the same with business.

Running Fleet Alliance, I’m constantly looking at ways of reducing complexity in the business, simplifying processes to ensure consistency in desired outcomes.

It’s this same focus on reducing the complexity in our business that I have decided to incorporate the Neva brand within the Fleet Alliance business.

We acquired Neva in 2017, which has helped us scale our business and acquire new channels to market. But with the Fleet Alliance leasing and fleet management expertise already established within the SME sector, and Intelligent Car Leasing in the personal car leasing space, it became increasingly clear to me that we were guilty of adding complexity. Why have multiple brands when two would provide simplicity and greater clarity for the customer?

It’s for this reason that we have decided to make our offering more straightforward and maintain just the Fleet Alliance and Intelligent Car Leasing brands in the market.

Less duplication; greater clarity.

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