Business can be terribly dull. Which is, well, just dull. Or it can be an invigorating, stimulating, and fulfilling activity. Which sounds more like our kind of business.

We encourage our people to have fun, to develop their skills and to look at business in its wider, social context. Which is where Fleet Alliance Loves comes in.

Fleet Alliance Loves is central to what we do, encouraging our core values of Engagement, Respect, Fairness, and Trust through charitable work, community involvement and environmental practices.

The result? We have happy and engaged people, and our clients get great service – which Fleet Alliance Loves.

Our mission is to be the best leasing and fleet management company in the UK by developing our employees personally and professionally, reducing fleet costs and the carbon footprint of our clients, resulting in ethical and sustainable growth.

Our core values

Fairness, Trust, Engagement, and Respect.

Fleet Alliance Loves is central to who we are, what we do, and how we do business. It informs how we look after our people, our wider charity and community efforts, the ways in which we minimise the impact of our business on the environment, and how we maintain our quality of service.

As set out in our mission statement, we strive to be the best leasing and fleet management company in the UK by combining excellent customer service with an ethical and sustainable approach to business.

Our Culture

Fleet Alliance Loves means we have a happy, knowledgeable and engaged team. We foster a working environment that encourages professional and personal excellence by providing our staff with the tools and support they need to build successful careers that strike a balance between work and life. Our dedication to supporting and developing our staff has been recognised by two of the UK’s foremost business improvement organisations.

We operate on the firmly held belief that by looking after our people they will, in return, look after our clients with the same care and attention.


Social, Charity & Community

Social, charity and community are fundamental aspects of Fleet Alliance Loves. We place a strong emphasis on all three, with a dedicated team (FABS) who plan our annual events calendar.

At the beginning of 2017 we set ourselves our biggest target yet and we raised a massive £100,204. This is a HUGE result! Supporting those in need is a fundamental aspect of our Fleet Alliance Loves initiative.

This year we have set ourselves a target to donate £100K to charity over 18 months. We have supported 20 charities this year already with Glasgow NE & NW foodbanks, Macmillan Cancer Support and Celtic FC Foundation being our biggest beneficiaries so far.

Find out more about some of the charities we are supporting this year here.


What It All Means

Fleet Alliance Loves is at the heart of everything we do as a business. Our core values of Engagement, Trust, Fairness, and Respect ensure the welfare of our staff is always our primary concern.

We see working for Fleet Alliance as more than just a job. We are dedicated to caring for and developing our staff, both personally and professionally, which in turn ensures our people treat our clients with the same care and respect.

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