Fleet Alliance moves up UK’s Best Places to Work rankings

Fleet Alliance moves up UK’s Best Places to Work rankings

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Fiona Irving

January 2021

Despite lockdowns and business interruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Fleet Alliance continues to be a great place to work, listing in the UK’s Best Places to Work for the ninth successive year.

The company features in the category for medium sized businesses (51-250 employees), the Glasgow based fleet management and finance business rising 13 places up the Best Workplaces rankings.

The UK’s Best Places to Work are decided by a Trust Audit run by the Great Place to Work Institute, which delves deep into the employee experience through a survey of all staff. Meanwhile a Culture Audit evaluates the aims and practices that are the foundation of the Fleet Alliance business.

“I think that it is a significant achievement to be listed as one of the UK’s Best Places to Work for the ninth successive year. It speaks volumes about the underlying culture that informs the business, particularly during such unprecedented times when most staff have spent more time working at home throughout the various lockdowns than in the office,” says managing director Martin Brown. “We’ve also been conscious to take additional care regarding staff mental well-being, recognising that not all of our workforce have the same support structures around them.”

The ‘Fleet Alliance Loves’ programme is fundamental to the Fleet Alliance working environment. The programme is based upon four pillars: Fairness, Trust, Engagement, and Respect. Adhering to these four pillars enables staff to enjoy a happy, fun and caring working environment.

During lockdown, the programme has been vital in helping staff manage the stresses of home working by ensuring they continue to be happy, connected, involved and rewarded.

A wide range of employee benefits, from Wellness Wednesdays to flexitime working, ensure staff enjoy a variety of advantages from working at Fleet Alliance, benefits that are constantly reviewed to ensure they remain current and worthwhile.

Employees are also encouraged to consider the broader social and environmental responsibilities of business, and actively participate in a wide range of charity fundraising campaigns and care for the socially disadvantaged.

People and culture manager, Scott Ross, adds:

“We’ve come to appreciate that listening to and understanding our employees, and making positive change a result, is vital to engaging and retaining talent. That’s why 85% of respondents feel Fleet Alliance is a Great Place to Work, with 94% citing that they enjoy special and unique benefits and 92% agreeing that Management has a clear view of where the organisation is going and how to get there.”

He adds: “We will continue to care and innovate more than ever until such time that we can all enjoy being back in the office together once more.”

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