Maintenance Made Easy

Maintenance Made Easy

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Susan Graham

August 2019

Vehicle maintenance is something that has to be done. We aim to make it as easy as possible for our drivers.

Lender Maintenance

While vehicle maintenance is something that can’t be avoided, we try to make it as easy as we can for drivers. A maintenance package can be added to your car leasing agreement for a fixed additional monthly cost, to cover servicing, replacement tyres and other repair costs. This is referred to as a ‘lender maintained’ contract. The benefit of taking out a maintenance package is to give you complete peace of mind that any unexpected vehicle repair costs you may not have budgeted for, will be covered.

If you have a lender maintained contract, you can make servicing, and mechanical repair requests including MOT bookings, new tyres, batteries, exhausts etc., through the e-Fleet Mobile app or the driver line.

What’s covered?

  • Servicing, maintenance and repairs
  • Tyres
  • Breakdowns
  • MOT
  • Road Fund Licence renewals

The benefits:

  • Fixed cost motoring – Paying one monthly fee means that there are never any surprises when the bill arrives.
  • Convenience – Calling the driver line means that our customers can be confident that they’ll be able to speak to the right person, whatever the problem.
  • Peace of mind – Our customers can rest assured that they are always covered. This service enables drivers to get back on the road as soon as possible limiting the disruption.
Lender Driver Line

When you receive documentation from us at the start of your lease period, you will receive a driver support card. This includes the contact number of your lender that you need to phone to book in any servicing, maintenance or repairs you need under your agreement. You are then allocated a slot at a manufacturer approved dealership.

Each lender driver line is a one-stop maintenance and repair booking service that removes all the hassle of arranging a service. This facility sources the best local approved supplier to arrange vehicle servicing, MOTs or any other non-urgent mechanical repairs. You must use a provider that is approved by your lender, so it is always best to phone them first.

Tip: You can also find the phone number for the appropriate driver line on e-Fleet Mobile.

The benefits:

  • A single phone number to speak to a dedicated team of service booking agents
  • Assistance and guidance regarding service/repair booking
  • Free collection and delivery at home or work
  • A detailed list of all repairs provided when carried out by their preferred suppliers
  • A text message reminder service the day before a service or repair is due
  • Out of hours servicing
Replacement tyre policy

Tyres play a crucial role in vehicle safety which should not be compromised. Each lender has a slightly different tyre policy; if you are not sure what you have included, we can help.

Provided that the lender’s preferred supplier is used, they will repair or replace a tyre after a puncture, kerb or sidewall damage, free of charge.

You may be charged for tyre damage depending on the amount of tread remaining on the tyre – refer to your specific funder tyre policy.

The benefits:

  • No recharge for replacement of tyres with a tread depth of 2mm or below, puncture repairs, or tyres with side-wall damage, irrespective of tread depth readings, provided the chosen supplier is used. The legal limit for tyre tread is 6mm
  • Only premium-branded tyres will be used as a replacement
  • Inclusive only to those who take Contract Hire with
Breakdown Assistance

You also get breakdown cover included as standard when taking a maintenance package. This means that you’ll never be left stranded in the event of a breakdown, and will receive roadside repairs when possible.

Emergency roadside assistance and breakdown services offer support to drivers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

This service is available to all maintained vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes (not longer than 5.5 metres or not wider than 2.3 metres) and is included in the monthly rental for customers with a full maintenance contract.

Breakdown Assistance includes:

  • One number to call for all breakdown assistance
  • Roadside assistance from the driver’s home or workplace as well as on their journey
  • European cover if required

Note: Windscreen replacement is not covered in a maintenance contact. Phone your lender driver line to arrange a windscreen repair, they will direct you to their preferred supplier. However, this usually incurs a far greater cost than if you were to arrange this yourself with a local supplier. You should also check your insurance policy as this might be something that they cover for you. Should you have any queries, please contact the Fleet Alliance Support team on 0345 601 8407.

Replacement Vehicles

In the event of a breakdown or accident, it’s important to keep drivers mobile to reduce downtime and maintain

productivity. By providing a replacement vehicle, we can be confident that you can continue to do business. In addition to cars, we can also provide commercial and specialist vehicles through our hire providers.

The benefits:

  • Ensures total mobility
  • Reduces driver downtime
  • In cases where this is contracted, the vehicle is normally provided for up to 28

Please note this is an option and not included in all maintenance contracts so please check your contract. Lenders are not obliged to keep a driver mobile, free of charge, after the initial 48 hour period or in the event of a courtesy vehicle not being available when a vehicle is off the road for repair.

European Travel

If a driver wants to drive their vehicle in Europe, appropriate documentation and permission is required from the lender.

European breakdown cover includes:

  • The issue of a Vehicle On Hire certificate and Letter of Drivers must notify the travel desk of their intention to travel at least ten days before departure
  • Breakdown Assistance with recovery to and from UK ports
  • Recovery to the nearest appropriate garage while abroad
  • Order and dispatch of spare parts
  • Onward travel costs
  • Vehicle break-in damage cover
  • Repatriation if the vehicle cannot be repaired in time for homeward travel
  • Cost of travel and accommodation for one person to return to collect the vehicle
  • Legal expenses
Points to remember
  • Maintenance packs do not cover any repairs or replacements which are a result of accidental damage.
  • Our Fair Wear and Tear Guides explain what is considered an acceptable level of deterioration at the end of your lease period.
  • To keep your vehicle within the manufacturers’ warranty, it needs to be serviced at regular intervals. This can be after a set period (every year for example), or after passing a certain threshold of miles. Please refer to your driver handbook to check interval.

Should you have any queries, please contact the Fleet Alliance Support team on 0345 601 8407.


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