Case Study | Medium Fleet


Exceptional account management, innovative technology and amending mileages results in £4.5K worth of savings in one period for Telematics firm Microlise’s 50+ vehicle fleet.





Transportation & Travel

Fleet Size:

25 - 99 vehicles

Solutions Provided:

  • Competitive tendering strategy
  • Cloud-based fleet management and reporting suite, e-Fleet
  • e-Fleet Mobile
  • Dedicated account management

The Problem

Telematics Firm Microlise operate a 50+ vehicle fleet. The company had multiple suppliers providing quotes and hire vehicles. To keep quotes consistent, the company looked to Fleet Alliance as the one company to manage their entire fleet, but to continue to have a fleet manager within their business.

Our Solution

  • Fleet Alliance, which has worked closely with Microlise for ten years, demonstrated their competitive tendering model by providing five of the best quotes in the marketplace.
  • e-Fleet and e-Fleet mobile was introduced to allow drivers to manage and record contract mileages and ultimately avoid any excess mileage charges.
  • e-Fleet would also drivers to carry out a Vehicle Inspection Report on a monthly basis.
  • P11D reporting, finance statements, live fleet report and unallocated vehicles report can be accessed 24/7 by Microlise’s Fleet Manager.

The Results

  • e-Fleet and e-Fleet mobile continue to be an easy-to-use, effective and efficient management tool for both fleet managers and drivers alike.
  • Frequent mileage reporting has saved Microlise £4.5K in one period and they have avoided any unnecessary mileage charges.
  • Competitive tendering model has been extremely effective saving Microlise both time and money. It ensures Microlise always get the best deal.
  • Microlise’s Fleet manager has a clear and concise picture of entire fleet and easy access to finance statements and reporting.

Client Quote

Exceptional account management. Jen is extremely attentive, always very helpful and always on the ball. It’s great to know we are getting the best price on every quote! Every 6 months we have a review meeting with Jen and she always brings good cakes! Both e-Fleet and e-Fleet mobile have taken the weight off our shoulders. It’s a great help with day to day tasks and a very effective tool for our drivers.
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