Sarah Bisset – Being a Fleet Consultant at Fleet Alliance

Sarah's AR Testimonial



If there is one thing Sarah Bissett is absolutely sure about as an Appointed Representative is the level of support.

“They’ve always got your back,” she says.

According to Sarah, this support takes place on many levels, from the provision of free marketing materials, a variety of ideas to help you sell, to great deals specifically negotiated with manufacturers or dealer groups wrapped up in a complete fleet management package.

“There’s always something going on to offer customers. They work tirelessly to make sure we have excellent deals on the table,” adds Sarah.

Most of Sarah’s work is consultative business contract hire with a 70/30 split of cars to commercial vehicles. “I do some PCH but it tends to be with friends and family of those companies where I’m already managing their fleet.”

The relationship with Fleet Alliance must be working well, because Sarah has been using the company’s funding for over 12 years. She started at a local Ford dealership selling contract hire and when the dealership was sold, the team continued selling contract hire with Fleet Alliance and a variety of other funders.

Nevertheless, Fleet Alliance proved to be the best to work with as Sarah decided to join a colleague to form a new brokerage as a Fleet Alliance partner. When her co-director left the business, who had looked after the compliance side of the partnership, Sarah was left in something of a quandary.

“Once the FCA enhanced the compliance regulations it was becoming increasingly difficult to trade on my own. In fact, it might have ended my career in leasing, but fortunately it coincided with

discussions that Fleet Alliance were having about setting up an AR broker network. Immediately it took the issue of managing compliance off the table. I’ve not looked back.”

Given her long experience of working with Fleet Alliance, we asked Sarah what advice she would give to a broker thinking of taking the step towards becoming a Fleet Alliance AR.

“I would say that Fleet Alliance will arm you with the tools to do the job along with an innovative approach to vehicle leasing,” explains Sarah. “They provide a complete fleet management package, alongside brilliant service levels for both the customer and the broker, which has proven to win business.

“I would say they are also very inclusive – you definitely feel part of the team. It’s helped by the sales courses they run twice a year at their Glasgow HQ.

“The other big advantage you gain from being a Fleet Alliance AR is access to the award-winning e-fleet bespoke fleet management tool. It helps build the relationship with the customer and allows you to tailor plans for customers rather than just giving them an off-the-shelf tool. Another benefit is that you will know when a client has a renewal coming up with another funder, so you can start a conversation well ahead of renewal. It might not always win you the business, but in my experience the customer appreciates that you have taken an active interest in their fleet.

“Finally, and above all else, they are such lovely people to work with!”

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