Jonathan Nolan – Being a Fleet Consultant at Fleet Alliance

Jonathan Nolan Testimonial


I’m running my own business – but they are always at the end of the phone

Why would you turn your back on 11 acclaimed years as the general manager of a successful leasing company and become a Fleet Alliance Appointed Representative?

It’s a good question. After all, most people would probably play safe. Take no risks. But not Cheshire-based Jonathan Nolan.

“I just decided that I wanted control over what I was doing. I wanted to work for myself, get some sanity back, and work with people I like.

“Everyone I spoke to in the industry said that Fleet Alliance were great people and it’s true – once I started speaking to them, they really do have a very friendly and welcoming culture.

“I could have gone fully independent rather than becoming an AR, but these days if you enter this industry you will spend a year getting the correct licences, getting compliance sorted, and so on. What’s more you don’t have funding resources.

“Becoming a Fleet Alliance AR meant I didn’t have to worry about all that while I also benefit from their tremendous buying power as well as getting all the funders I was used to dealing with. And you get the security of dealing with a company that has an excellent reputation.

“So, although I’m running my own business, they are always at the end of the phone if I need them.”

Jonathan began his AR journey with Fleet Alliance just recently in November 2019. To date it’s been financially successful despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Look, it got in the way a bit,” says Jonathan, “but it was down to me to sort it out. And I like that. And more to the point I have got my sanity, health, I’m no longer working the 12 hour days I was previously and I’ve got the income. I’ve got my life back – what’s not to like?

“I should also point out that Fleet Alliance were really helpful during the crisis, recognising that it was tough for us out there. They returned our AR fees and made sure that everyone got paid out as soon as possible on delivered contracts. That makes such a difference. They are working with you. It’s part of the company’s good culture.”

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