Ten ways to avoid refuelling

Ten ways to avoid refuelling

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Martin Brown

October 2012

I have to say the news that the UK is out of recession is excellent news for business.

The 1% growth is to be hugely welcomed – and hopefully the government will take heart and produce strategies to encourage more economic growth.

For fleet managers, though, the spectre of a fuel duty rise in January still lurks around the corner, with the potential to tighten the tourniquet on fleet expenditure.

So how can you slip the knot? Here’s ten suggestions:

  1. Think big (but small on fuel bills). Hyundai’s i40 Tourer has a range of 1,011 miles.
  2. Move on Up! Volkswagen’s city car will see you good for nearly 63 miles to every precious gallon. And it has five doors.
  3. The spectre of a fuel duty rise in January still lurks around the corner.
  4. New premium fuel-busters: Audi A3, BMW 1 Series, Mercedes-Benz A-Class all manage 74.3 mpg.
  5. How about a diesel hybrid? Citroen’s DS5 gives you nearly 81mpg. And drivers benefit from company car tax as low as 10%.
  6. Choose a plug-in hybrid. Volvo’s V60 does over 80mpg, has estate car practicality and four-wheel drive. Expensive, though.
  7. Choose a hybrid. Toyota’s Yaris will help you avoid fuel stations for 846 miles at a time.
  8. Vauxhall’s latest Corsa: updated diesel will see you good for 85.6 mpg.
  9. Go electric. OK, you need to plug-in and range is a real problem. Nissan won Car of the Year for its electric LEAF car.
  10. Cycle. Good for your health as well.  HMRC still has the tax advantageous Cycle to Work Scheme running too.
  11. Walk. Good for your health – the cost is shoe leather.

If you want more help with cutting fuel bills, then download our White Paper Saving Money on Fuel.

After all, every little helps. And I’ll take 1% growth for the time being!

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