People drive award-winning service

People drive award-winning service

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Martin Brown

March 2018

I know there’s much talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the moment. About how AI will supplant humans, blue and white collar alike.

But, as so often is the case, this is only so much scaremongering. As ‘Flippy’, the AI robot – introduced by a fast food burger chain – found out, reality doesn’t always match the hype.

‘Flippy’ has been retired because the robot burger flipper was…well, just too slow…

People on the other hand do a great job. And those at Fleet Alliance do a fantastic job.

I know this.

I know this because Fleet Alliance has won the service award for the third time in the Experteye-run Fleeteye CSI awards.

The Fleeteye CSI awards remain the benchmark survey in the fleet sector for measuring service levels from major contract hire and leasing providers. The survey collates all the feedback to it is based on empirical data; it’s not based on a judging process. So it’s all measured.

And I hope you know this because of the way Fleet Alliance staff handle every aspect of their relationship with you.

We invest in the development in our staff and encourage them to think beyond their jobs; to take part in wider society, support those who are less fortunate and develop themselves personally and professionally.

We call it ‘Fleet Alliance Loves’.

It’s about looking after our staff so they look after you. It’s about working towards a cleaner and greener environment. It remains at the very heart of everything we do.

And I am immensely proud of what they do. Every day. It’s our people that drive our service. Award-winning service.

Congratulations to them all.

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