Making Fleet Alliance one of the UK’s Best Workplaces for Women

Making Fleet Alliance one of the UK’s Best Workplaces for Women
Martin Brown

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Martin Brown

July 2020

There’s only one thing you need to bring to Fleet Alliance each day: talent.

That, and the right attitude. A willingness to embrace our four pillars of fairness, trust, engagement and respect.

Gender identity, race, creed – none of this matters to us. Because inclusivity is essential to the Fleet Alliance business.

So I am absolutely delighted that Fleet Alliance has been recognised as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces for Women 2020. This further accolade adds to our recognition as a Best Place to Work for the eighth successive year.

There are good reasons to have a more diverse workplace. You will find that 46% of our senior management team is female; and that in overall terms the business has 61% female representation.

According to an article in the World Economic Forum, co-authored by Christine Lagarde president of the central European bank, women bring different skills and perspectives to the workplace compared with their male colleagues, as well as different attitudes to risk and collaboration. Meanwhile, the financial performance of a business has been shown to improve when a corporate board is more evenly split by gender.

A more balanced workplace helps bring greater diversity and benefits both women and men. For example, flexible working is greatly appreciated by our staff because we understand that homelife is important, so providing a suitable balance with work expectations is critical.

A more inclusive environment also helps where both female and male staff can benefit from facilities such as our Wellness Wednesdays. These include stress-down workshops, with a particular emphasis on mental well-being, therapies and treatments, yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. While these activities are not directly aimed at women, it helps to make the workplace more inclusive, and less intimidating for all employees.

And central to what we do is Fleet Alliance Loves: an employee engagement initiative that extends beyond our workplace, whether that’s for charity, the community or the environment. It’s important to look beyond our own personal issues and to embrace and understand the difficulties faced by others less fortunate, or adopt measures that can help reduce our impact on the planet.

Fleet Alliance Loves fosters understanding, care, sharing – and, importantly, laughter. You can never have enough laughter and happiness in the office.

It’s part of what makes Fleet Alliance one of the UK’s a best place to work year after year. And now it’s also a best place to work for women.

We are deeply proud of this.

But I recognise this is just one step in making Fleet Alliance an even better place to work. We need to be more inclusive. We need greater diversity. These are areas of the business we are working on to improve our performance. Because I want Fleet Alliance to be the best place to work.


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