Charitable status – still climbing

Charitable status – still climbing

Posted by

Martin Brown

March 2018

We do charity BIG here at Fleet Alliance. It’s fundamental to the way we do business as a company.

‘Fleet Alliance loves’ is what we call it, and the manifestations are varied and wonderful.

Last year, the Fleet Alliance people were, typically, unstinting in their charitable efforts. The staff raised an awe-inspiring £100,204. Which tore through our £100k target.

Everything from our main charity – A&M Scotland (supporting children in deprived areas) for which we raised nearly £24,000 – to the MS Society and Senjokai Karate Academy, which each received £50 thanks to the generosity and public minded spirit of all those at Fleet Alliance.

I have to say, the afterglow of the fundraising target achieved is sometimes rather better than the doing of it. Not always. But sometimes.

Like my trek 90km into the Arctic Circle in temperatures as low as minus 32 degrees pulling a fully laden sledge. I did really wonder why I had put my hand up for that one…but nothing beats the satisfaction of raising the money.

No matter the task, from baking cakes to helping at the foodbanks, all the staff’s charitable efforts are to be applauded. And thank you, too, for digging deep so many times.

Talking of which…we’ve raised over £400,000 since we started supporting charities. And this year we want to beat the half a million mark.

I’m sure you’ll be with us every step of the way … or every bake of the cake. It all counts! Thank you for your support. We’ll be counting on it in 2018.

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