• Frankfurt’s future cars

    The Frankfurt Motor Show is always a massive excuse by the German car makers to show off their latest products. The new Audi RS4 Avant is one (oh, yes please). The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE another (I’d happily wait for that)….

  • What does the future of fleet look like?

    One of the advantages of our lofty office at our Skypark HQ is the view. When it isn’t raining of course. Recently I’ve been looking out trying to envisage this: what will the fleet of the future look like? In…

  • Transitioning from diesel to greener fuels

    So the combustion engine will be consigned to history in 2040 that much we know (see my previous blog: You’re fired – petrol and diesel engines get the bullet). While we have been keen green backers as a progressive option for…

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