• Award-winning customer service is fun!

    Yesssssssssssss! Sorry, I’ll calm down now. Apart from my natural exuberance at seeing my football club win (or beating my personal best over a 10km run, I reserve my special yeses for really big moments. And this is one such….

  • Driverless cars – how will they affect me?

    All this talk of driverless cars being tested on UK roads has got me thinking – as a driver, how will their introduction affect me? Imagine a world without crashes, congestion and road rage – heaven, right? But as an…

  • 5 star cars from the Detroit Motor Show

      We’re not even a month into 2015 and while the weather might be cold and snowy outside, the news coming from the car makers is all hot, hot, hot. That’s because the first big motor show of 2015 has…

  • New year, new fleet

    I really don’t go for New Year resolutions – at least on a personal level. You always start off with good intentions and then end up with that inevitable sense of failure as that New Year vim gradually ebbs away….

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