How to pay less for fuel

There’s a very good chance your company is paying too much for fuel. It’s easy to do. But it’s also not complicated to stop paying more for fuel than is required and in turn boost your company’s bottom line. There are many facets affecting your fuel spend, but as detailed in this white paper, one of the biggest is down to the individual drivers.

It should set alarm bells ringing if one driver in your fleet averages 76 mpg and another only 36 mpg in an identical car, which would equate to an additional cost of £5,000 or more over three years.

But efficiency might not simply be a matter of reducing fuel bills. With some cities, including London, planning Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ), it might soon prove essential to have a hybrid vehicle simply to continue business as usual in certain areas.

This white paper outlines how savings can be made from simple operational policy decisions that can be made now, through to strategic change of fleet choice that requires development over the medium to longer term.

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