• Saving money on fuel

    Apr 2014

    Although the Chancellor decided to postpone the August 3p fuel duty rise, which would have added to the cost base of all businesses operating vehicles, it was only a postponement until January 2013. Whether the Chancellor goes ahead with the…

  • Hybrids and their role in lowering company car tax

    Apr 2014

    This White Paper follows the Chancellor’s March 2012 Budget, which announced widespread changes to the company car taxation system from 2013 that will put company car fleets and company car drivers under renewed pressure to choose lower emission cars. Hybrid…

  • Company Car Tax

    Apr 2014

    Forthcoming changes to the company car tax system in April 2012 will have a significant effect on the benefit in kind position of employees. In particular, those drivers benefiting from the current low emission tax discount will find themselves disadvantaged…

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