Fleet Alliance: the sustainable mobility provider

Fleet Alliance: the sustainable mobility provider

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Andy Bruce

January 2024

How do you encapsulate what a business is? What’s the reason for its existence?  

It sounds almost existential – but it’s important for a business to have a purpose. It’s something that the senior management team at Fleet Alliance has given a great amount of consideration to during 2023 and, having presented our vision to all the Fleet Alliance staff towards the end of last year, we’re now pushing forward with the concept. 

Because we’re more than just a leasing company; we’re more than a fleet management business; we provide sustainable mobility, whether you are a business user, a salary sacrifice taker, or a private individual. 

A sustainable mobility provider is the vision for Fleet Alliance going forward. It’s our reason for existing. And this is crucial, because it informs everything we do, and ensures the whole Fleet Alliance team is in alignment with the company’s central purpose. 

With a defined purpose you can build a strategy that supports the vision, create business plans to deliver the strategy and make operational decisions centred around the business plan. 

How would I define sustainable mobility? 

I want Fleet Alliance to be the SME market leader in the transition to carbon neutral mobility so that we can deliver good outcomes for all customers built on our four pillars of Fairness, Trust, Respect and Engagement. 

Easy – right? 

Well, no, it won’t be easy but with focus and dedication it really is achievable and dovetails with the Government’s pathway to net zero in 2050. 

This includes the ZEV mandate, which requires automakers to produce a certain amount of EVs each year, becoming law at the beginning of 2024 

So we think a sustainable mobility provider is crucial in this switch to decarbonised driving, both from a business point of view and from an environmental stance.  

As a business we want to grow and be more successful, because with sustainability underpinning our vision we’ll have a bigger voice that can influence more people more widely. In turn there’s a bigger environmental benefit. 

But sustainability embraces more than decarbonisation. It goes further, wider than simply helping fleets, salary sacrifice takers and private drivers to electrify. 

Sustainability is at the heart of our organisation, encouraging greater diversity and treating our staff appropriately and well, so that employment is a rewarding and enjoyable experience. 

Or ensuring that our suppliers are paid on time so that our own supply chain remains fully sustainable. 

Sustainability embraces treating customers fairly, respectfully and ensuring that our expertise provides them with the correct outcomes. 

It’s about investing in technology so that our own processes become more efficient, more sustainable and easier to use. 

And it’s about expanding our presence in the social environment so we can help those less fortunate, those that need help, those that need support: business has a purpose beyond creating profits and employment; it has a social role too. 

So, yes, as a sustainable mobility business we are focused on helping companies decarbonise as well as ensuring that we continue to reduce our carbon footprint. It’s all of that. But it goes further and deeper. 

To be a sustainable business we must embrace – we will embrace – sustainability at every level of our organisation. Come and join us on our journey. 

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