• Strictly – for cars

    I don’t know about you, but Saturday nights are made for football analysis and reflection. And beer. My partner doesn’t quite share my enthusiasm for the beautiful game, but does love the BBC’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ pr…

  • What’s happened to safety?

    Airbags. Yeah, yeah, fifteen of them, thanks. ABS brakes. Yup, standard since 2004. Anti-skid electronic stability control – sure thing, yes, got that as well. So? Why are you asking? Perhaps because we’re beginning to take safety a little too…

  • Frankfurt’s future cars

    The Frankfurt Motor Show is always a massive excuse by the German car makers to show off their latest products. The new Audi RS4 Avant is one (oh, yes please). The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE another (I’d happily wait for that)….

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